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Powerful. Dependable. Efficient.

YANMAR has been around for more than 100 years and nearly 50 years, in the compact construction equipment. Yanmar introduced one of the first mini excavators in 1968.

Yanmar’s eight excavators – six with true zero tail swing – are each purpose-built to overcome the most challenging conditions, work with unparalleled power, conserve fuel and provide exceptional flexibility with the same stability and performance you’d expect from more conventional excavators.” – YANMAR

Since introducing the world’s first mini-excavator in 1968, we’ve been a leader in compact equipment. Each one of our machines is put through rigorous testing to ensure that they possess that legendary YANMAR quality that turns even your hardest job into an easy one. Our excavators, six with true zero tail swing, were designed to overcome challenging conditions without sacrificing any of the larger-than-life power that you need to get the job done. But don’t let all that gritty diesel power get your worried, we don’t believe in gas-guzzling. Our machines conserve fuel, so that you can conserve cash.



With the compactness of the SV08 – ViO25 series mini excavators, these units bring a whole new class of slim and compact convenience. Offering many advantages for the operators, these units offer ergonomic and comfortable design, optimal performance, stability, optimum reliability, safety, and easy serviceability.

2,348 lbs | 10.3HP | 5’4″ Digging Depth

Our smallest excavator sets the standard for efficient work in confined spaces. A tenacious worker, the SV08-1B is unfazed by housing foundations, indoor renovation, pipe-laying, landscaping and other challenges in hard-to-reach places. Adjustable width tracks let you maneuver through gaps as narrow as 2ft – 3in, and a variable undercarriage lets you work safely on slopes or steps. Plus, the powerful, 10.3-hp, Tier 4 Final engine is environmentally friendly with clean exhaust and very low noise.

3,836 lbs | 14.5HP | 7’7″ Digging Depth

The ViO17-A goes almost anywhere and works efficiently in tight, narrow areas. Our most compact zero tail swing mini excavator goes where larger excavators can’t, and works easily against walls or buildings. But its small stature doesn’t sacrifice power. The 14.5-hp final Tier 4 diesel engine provides the power you need for the toughest jobs, with dramatic lifting capacity and bucket digging force that belies it’s size. Plus YANMAR’s unique, sturdy variable undercarriage provides flexibility, stability and safety.

6,217 lbs | 20.4HP | 10’4″ Digging Depth

If you work on tight residential or inner city jobsites, you need an excavator that fits through narrow openings and works comfortably in tight quarters. Meet the new ViO25-6A. This scrappy, go-almost-anywhere true zero tail swing excavator works anywhere you can fit the tracks. It also comes with a fuelefficient 20.4-hp Tier 4 Final engine that delivers unexpected power for its size, with less environmental impact. We apologize if it gives those bigger excavators nightmares.


Adjustable Width Tracks To Maneuver Almost Anywhere

The track width of the narrows to 2ft-3in (680 mm) to fit through narrow passages, and expands to 2ft-9in (840 mm) for stability while working. In addition, the super compact body features an ultra-tight turning radius of 2ft-5in (725 mm), and keeps rear overhang to just 1 ft (305 mm).


Easy Accessibility For Routine Maintenance

The engine is conveniently located right under the operator’s seat. Simply lift and fold the seat back for quick, easy access to all major components. Routine maintenance is always a breeze.


Foldable ROPS

The durable, foldable ROPS system helps protect the operator from injury and folds down to allow passage through spaces as tight as a standard doorway.



The ViO Series advantages offer improved safety for both the operator and the side workers. The redesign of the undercarriage contributes to reduce the machine height, which facilitates easy transport of the machines and improves ground clearance. With a spacious and comfortable cabin, included improved air circulation, all-around visibility, and a silent cabin, the ergonomic design keeps the operator stable and distraction-free.

8,214 lbs | 24.4HP | 11’3″ Digging Depth

Introducing the most innovative, fuel-efficient excavator we’ve ever built. The advanced technology zero tail swing ViO35-6A features an electronically controlled Tier 4 engine that meets emissions regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter. It also comes standard with ECO and Auto-Deceleration modes for even more operational efficiency, which means the new ViO35-6A can now deliver up to 20% less fuel consumption than previous models. The YANMAR ViO35-6A is the most productive digging, lifting, do-anything excavator you can buy.

9,515 lbs | 39HP | 11’10” Digging Depth

Redefining the definition of compact power, the YANMAR SV40 is pushing the limits on an excavator of its size. With best in class power, digging force and lifting capacity, this machine is a game changer within the compact excavator segment.

Available in cab and canopy models, the SV40 is one of the most rugged, flexible machines; built to work effectively in extremely tight spaces other bulkier excavators simply can’t reach. Options for the SV40 include a second PTO function, 4 or 6-way blade and an additional counterweight, so the SV40 has everything for you to get the job done.

10,792 lbs | 39HP | 12’3″ Digging Depth

In 1993, YANMAR introduced the world’s first zero tail swing excavator. Today, the ViO50-6A turns completely within its own tracks, with the stability of a conventional excavator. So you can trench and dig in the extremely tight spaces that other excavators simply can’t get to. Add to that a new 39-hp Final Tier 4 Yanmar diesel engine that sacrifices none of the legendary power and unmatched fuel efficiency that’s been part of Yanmar’s legacy for more than 100 years, and you’ll always be the guy they call when conditions are the toughest.

12,247 lbs | 47.6HP | 13’6″ Digging Depth

For more than 100 years, YANMAR has crafted some of the world’s most powerful, fuel-efficient engines. The 47.6-hp turbocharged Tier 4 Final diesel engine in the new ViO55-6A is no exception. YANMAR has also pioneered some of the industry’s most innovative technology, including the first zero tail swing excavator. Today the ViO55-6A is one of the most rugged, flexible machines you can have to work effectively in the extremely tight spaces other bulkier excavators simply can’t reach. Add the balance and stability of a conventional excavator and you’ve got one of the best values around.


Advanced Operation Control System

The digital control system allows you to monitor up to three months of operational history. Because this state-of-the-art system centralizes control of machine operation information and maintenance support information, it’s never been easier to maintain a timely, efficient service


Easier To Service Than Your Car

The innovative design puts virtually every major component – engine, hydraulic system, starter, alternator, battery – right at your fingertips. Because routine filter and grease fitting checks are easier and quicker, you can perform them more often, extending the life of and improving the durability of your machine.


YANMAR’s Patented Quick Coupler System

The standard hydraulic Quick Coupler makes changing buckets fast and easy. With the exception of fitting and removing the safety lock pin, the entire operation is performed electronically while you’re seated in the comfort of the cab. Less hassle, less downtime, more productivity



Show up with the wrong equipment and it can be a really long day. With the ViO80 and SV100 units, Yanmar’s largest true zero tail swing excavators, go where bigger, clunkier machines simply can’t. You get the flexibility to work effectively against buildings or obstacles without sacrificing the power to do the job right. Couple that with unmatched operator comfort, ease of operation and simple maintenance and you’ll always have the right machine for the job.

18,136 lbs | 56.9HP | 15’4″ Digging Depth

Show up with the wrong equipment and it can be a really long day. The ViO80-1A, our largest true zero tail swing excavator, goes where bigger, clunkier machines simply can’t. You get the flexibility to work effectively against buildings or obstacles without sacrificing the power to do the job right. The 56.9-hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine comes with Yanmar’s legendary durability and fuel efficiency built right in. Couple that with unmatched operator comfort, ease of operation and simple maintenance and you’ll always have the right machine for the job.

21,550 lbs | 72HP | 15’9″ Digging Depth

Don’t underestimate the SV100-2A. Sure the new 72-hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine provides the raw power, digging force and lifting capacity you need for tough jobs. But the SV100-2A is also built to navigate those tight, confined jobsites from which bigger excavators have to meekly back down. In fact, the ultra-tightturning radius in both the front and rear is so small that the boom bracket stays entirely within the tracks. You get the versatility to take on any job, while leaving the limitations for those other excavators.


True Zero Tail Swing

YANMAR introduced the world’s first zero tail swing excavator in 1993. True zero tail swing technology means no part of the housing extends beyond the tracks, allowing you to work efficiently anywhere, with less damage to the machine and the worksite.


A Cab Almost As Comfortable As Your Living Room

The spacious ViO80-1A cab is designed for more elbow and leg room. The standard equipment heating and air conditioning system means you can work comfortably year round. And the sturdy, sound-blocking, antivibration construction means a smooth, quiet ride. All it needs is a TV


YANMAR’s Patented Hydraulic Quick Coupler

The standard hydraulic quick coupler makes changing buckets fast and easy. With the exception of fitting and removing the safety lock pin, the entire operation is performed electronically while you’re seated in the comfort of the cab. Less hassle. Less downtime. More productivity



Yanmar’s machinery integrates the latest technologies refined over its long history. Therefore, even in narrow and difficult-to-navigate urban construction sites, you get the job done with astonishing ease and comfort.

5,843 lbs | 46HP | 5,513 lbs Max Payload

Sometimes conditions make it impossible for ordinary pick-ups or dump trucks to even get to a jobsite. Swampy, soft ground, sand, snow, steep slopes and winding paths can bring a job to a halt. But the rugged, powerful C30R-3 all-terrain tracked carrier is purpose-built for just those conditions. The rubber-tracked, high-flotation, low-ground-pressure carrier productively operates in the toughest conditions, while also minimizing damage to environmentally sensitive areas. Which means there’s almost no place you can’t get to, and no job you can’t get done.

12,633 lbs | 111.5HP | 8,379 Max Payload

Dump trucks are great, if they can get to the jobsite. But low ceilings, swampy or soft ground, snow and steep slopes can be obstacles to getting a job done. Not with the C50R. This durable, rubber-tracked, high-flotation, all-terrain carrier is right at home in conditions where others can’t operate. Even in places where it’s impossible or dangerous to turn, the seat and travel levers turn 180 degrees together so you’re always moving forward. 



To be productive, you need a lot of power. With Yanmar, you have the power to ascend slopes smoothly. The engine delivers high output while meeting stringent environmental regulations. The innovative engine design provides additional power when you need it, paving the way towards your business’s success.

8,322 lbs | 40.9HP | 5,350 Max Lifting Capacity

Never met a challenge it couldn’t handle.Laying down the law on mounds of rocks and dirt, or quickly moving piles of fertilizer from point A to point B is easy when you’re working with the power and performance of the V4 articulated wheel loader. Because it’s a Yanmar, it comes with a powerful, fuel efficient 40.9-hp water-cooled diesel Engine designed to handle jobs you might think would require a bigger machine. Couple that with a more comfortable, operator-friendly Cab and this compact loader always comes up big when you need it most.