VERMEER VACuum Excavators


Vermeer MV Solutions offers vacuum excavation technology, equipment, training and support to the growing underground utility and soft dig markets.

With a single-point, full-line dealership network, we’re leveraging nearly 125 years of vacuum excavation innovation, market expertise and production capability. Today, everything we do, everything we make, is designed to help you get the job done right. Fast. Effectively. And efficiently.


If you work in trenchless technology, you know that making a big impact with a small footprint is the name of the game. When it comes to no-dig solutions, we’re leading the way with an innovative line of high-capacity truck vacuum excavators built to conquer tough underground infrastructure jobs with minimal impact to the world above it.

With spoil tank capacities from 1,300 gallons (4,921 L) to 16 yds3 (14.6 m3), each vac is packed with decades of industry insight, production expertise and leading-edge technology.



In today’s landscape, the need for trenchless expertise is at an all-time high, emphasizing the importance of minimizing disruptions while making a significant impact. Vermeer has emerged as a prominent manufacturer in the field of vacuum excavation technology and equipment, offering top-of-the-line truck vacuum equipment and cutting-edge technology that is renowned worldwide. With their advanced solutions, Vermeer enables efficient and precise excavation processes while minimizing the overall impact on the surrounding environment.


Features a full-function remote control, allowing one-person operation of the boom, vac, conveyer, separation and dig pump. Choose from durable full-function belly-pack or handheld remotes. Innovative control system allows for one-person operation.

low profile

The low profile design makes them ideal for work in areas with limited overhead clearance or confined spaces, such as parking garages, underground utilities, or urban areas with low hanging wires or trees. Their compact size also makes them easier to maneuver in tight spaces and around obstacles.

suction & flow

The airlock rotates continuously, discharging solids and liquids while maintaining vacuum within the system. Keep your work moving forward with the ability to offload spoil efficiently and clear hose clogs quickly. Reverse the airflow by changing the valve position for positive tank pressure.

350hp | 800 gal Water Tank Capacity

VXT300 series of truck is a compact and maneuverable vacuum excavator designed for efficient excavation in tight spaces. It features a 300-gallon spoil tank, a 49-horsepower diesel engine, and a 4-inch vacuum hose with a 1,000-cfm blower. The VXT300 also comes equipped with a wireless remote control system, hydraulic boom and hose reel, and onboard water tank. With its compact size and advanced features, the Vermeer VXT300 is an excellent option for vacuum excavation in urban areas, parking garages, and other spaces with limited overhead clearance.

430hp | 850 gal Water Tank Capacity

The Vermeer VXT500 is a powerful and versatile vacuum excavator designed for a wide range of excavation applications. It features a 500-gallon spoil tank, a 49-horsepower diesel engine, and a 4-inch vacuum hose with a 1,000-cfm blower. The VXT500 also comes equipped with a wireless remote control system, hydraulic boom and hose reel, and onboard water tank. With its advanced features and powerful performance, the Vermeer VXT500 is a reliable and efficient option for any vacuum excavation needs.

510hp | 1300 gal Water Tank Capacity

The VXT600 is powered by a 74-horsepower diesel engine and features a 600-gallon spoil tank, a 6-inch vacuum hose with a 1,500-cfm blower, and a hydraulic boom and hose reel for precise excavation. It also comes equipped with an onboard water tank and a wireless remote control system for ease of use. With its advanced features and powerful performance, the Vermeer VXT600 is capable of handling tough excavation jobs with ease. The VXT600 is ideal for excavation work in construction, utilities, and municipal service

jurop helix pump

The PD blower is driven by the OMSI transfer case with blower soft-start engagement and operates with a suction power of 4,800-6,400 cfm (135.9 m³/min) and is capable of up to 27 in Hg (685.8 mm Hg).

water system

The water system is a water pump that goes up to between 11.5-19.4 gpm @ 3,000 psi (43.5 L/min @ 20,684 kPa).

ifm electronics

Industry-leading IFM industrial controller that monitors the system’s temperature, pressure and vacuum sensors. It also allows the operator to see the engine instruments, chassis instruments and the vac instruments on the belly pack.


Designed for contractors who need efficient and reliable vacuum excavation from jobsites to dumpsites.

Vermeer vacuum trailers are purpose-built for contractors seeking efficient and dependable vacuum excavation capabilities from job sites to dumpsites. This specialized equipment is designed to offer reliable and efficient vacuum excavation solutions. Featuring a large tank mounted on a trailer, Vermeer vacuum trailers are equipped with a powerful vacuum system that effectively sucks up excavated materials through a hose. They are commonly utilized in construction, utilities, and municipal services, particularly in areas where traditional excavation methods could potentially harm underground infrastructure. Designed with ease of operation and maintenance in mind, Vermeer vacuum trailers come in various sizes and configurations to cater to different requirements. They incorporate advanced features such as wireless remote control, onboard water tanks, and hydraulic dumping systems, providing added convenience and versatility. Overall, Vermeer vacuum trailers serve as versatile and reliable tools for excavation and material removal while minimizing the risk of damaging the surrounding infrastructure. Contractors can rely on these trailers to efficiently and effectively carry out their excavation tasks with confidence.




ECO25 Vacuum Excavator 
Honda Gas
575 cfm (16.3 cubic m/min)
EV150 Vacuum Excavator
Kohler EFI Gas
580 cfm (16 cubic m/min)
CS GT Vacuum Excavator
Kohler Gas
580 cfm (16 cubic m/min)
CV GT Vacuum Excavator
Kohler EFI Gas
580 cfm (16 cubic m/min)
CV SGT Vacuum Excavator
Kohler EFI Gas
1000 cfm (28 cubic m/min)
LP Mini Vacuum Excavator
Kohler air-cooled EFI gas engine/diesel engine
580 cfm (16 cubic m/min)
LP XDT Vacuum Excavator
Kohler Diesel Tier 4 Final
580 cfm (16 cubic m/min)
LP SGT Vacuum Excavator
Kohler EFI Gas
1000 cfm (28 cubic m/min)
LP SDT Vacuum Excavator
Yanmar Diesel Tier 4 Final
1000 cfm (28 cubic m/min)
VX50 Vacuum Excavator
Kubota Tier 4 Final
1025 cfm (29 cubic m/min)
VX75 Vacuum Excavator
Duetz Tier 4 Final Diesel
1200 cfm (34 cubic m/min)
HTV873 PTO Vacuum Excavator
100 cfm (28 cubic m/min)
JTV873 PTO Vacuum Excavator
1000 cfm (28 cubic m/min)