US Radar

Multi frequency range ground penetrating radar systems for utility locating & geophysical applications.

US Radar ground penetrating radar offers both single-frequency and multi-frequency range systems. A multi-frequency system grants more perspectives, as our software creates a separate dataset for each one. This allows the end user to cross-compare and analyze findings at varying depth penetrations; resulting in more accurate information. These easy-to-use ground penetrating radar systems provides unmatched performance quality in the field.

US Radar

GPR Systems available from Vermeer Southeast
Q5 Series GPR System
The most powerful GPR on the market for locating larger utilities.

  • Single Frequency antenna in 250, 500 or 1000 MHz
  • Autoconfiguration of antenna system parameters
  • Windows based glare-resistant tablet compatible with all US Radar carted systems
  • Single radar battery with dual tablet controller batteries
  • Optional built-in GPS, mapping software, and GIS data export

Quantum Imager
Triple Frequency Stepped Pulse Direct RF Sampling Radar

  • Quantum Imager can do from bridge deck to targets up to 30’
  • Individual setting per antenna frequency channel
  • Optional built-in GPS, mapping software and GIS data export
  • Windows-based, glare-resistant tablet
  • Hot-swappable dual radar battery with dual tablet controller batteries

Utility Mapping Platform

  • Triple-frequency stepped pulse radar
  • Designed for map creation and data export (CAD, GIS, Google Earth, Point files)
  • Stunning high accuracy GPS +/- 2 in. without cell, base station or control points
  • Patented tilt correction technology
  • Automatic user Identified target connection in 2D or 3D
  • Premium acquisition software standard
Quantum Mini
Multi-Frequency Structure Imager.

  • Dual frequency antenna, 1000 & 2000 MHz
  • Suitable for ALL concrete scanning applications
  • Two handle adjustable grip system
  • 10.1" daylight readable display
  • USB port for data export
  • Optional GPS, 3D satellite imaging and report generation
Radar Studio
Software for viewing and processing radar data simultaneously

  • Integrated satellite Imaging
  • All in one radar data software suit, with real-time migration
  • Simultaneous multiple open files
  • Data export including Google Earth, AutoCAD, DXF, CSV, SHP, Voxler and more